The Best Way to exercise your dog


Two weeks notice will be given by your walker should she need to terminate her services. We will continue to board regular dogs at your home.

  1. Clients agrees to photographs being taken of their pets.
  2. All pets are walked safely in surroundings off lead and the client fully consents to this.
  3. Any dogs which require to be kept on lead a longer walk is suggested and chargeable as 1-2-1.
  4. Whilst your pet/pets are under our care, your pet is covered* for the loss, injury, or death to or caused by their dogs including third parties.
    • *£50 excess is chargeable per claim to the client in the event of a claim being made. **
    • If your dog whilst on a walk in a group attacks another dog in that group causing injury, you the client will be responsible to reimburse the client’s vet fees direct to the client.
    • Recovery period for an injured dog may vary. KTDDC will not charge for 1 week, thereafter. Same contractual time will stand.
  5. The client agrees not to file suit against KTDDC or the walker for the injury or death caused on a walk through nonnegligence
  6. The client allows KTDDC to seek medical advice from veterinary services should they be required and accepts any financial bills for their dogs whilst in care.
  7. Any aggressive pet will be reported to the owner and the walk suspended and is chargeable.
  8. The client will make the walker aware of any behaviours or characteristics of their dog/s that could result in the injury, loss or reduce the safety of the property, people, and other animals.
  9. All dogs must be fully vaccinated, and all flea and wormer administered. KTDDC must be made aware of any illness which may affect other dogs.
  10. KTDDC will always aim to meet walk times agreed regarding picking up and dropping off, however the client must be aware that these can be affected by weather and traffic conditions.
  11. KTDDC has the right to discontinue any services at any time should any dog’s behaviour prove dangerous or payment not made on time.
  12. Privacy and respect will be shown to your home when you require home boarding. Only photos of pets taken.
  13. All clients’ keys are fully insured whilst being stored safely by your walker.
  14. The client agrees with the pricing of services and agrees to pay at the time and method agreed – this is required on last week of each month or weekly on due date of walk.
  15. If your dog is ill and you cancel the walk due to illness, the walk is still chargeable as the slot remains yours.
  16. Full payment required at time of any weekend or Bank Holiday booking.
  17. Holiday bookings please call Michelle on 07526 021 587 – all bookings will require a non-refundable deposit at time of booking and full payment at the time the boarding commences.
  18. If your walk falls on a Bank Holiday, you may as a gesture of goodwill choose an alternative day as the walk is still chargeable. Please liaise with Michelle to advise suitable day.
  19. Notice where time permits will be given to amend walks / change days e.g. walker holiday.
  20. Unless a specified length of contract is agreed your contract will be a rolling contract and one month’s notice will be required if you decide to cancel your walks.
  21. KTDDC require 48 hours’ notice to cancel a walk or the walk is chargeable.
  22. If a client wishes to cease services, one month’s notice is required and payment to be made at the end of the final week.
  23. When you go on vacation or take your dog on holiday the fee is still payable as your dog/s have their weekly place.
  24. When I go on holiday you will be given notice and the standing order should be cancelled and reinstated upon re commencement of your walk – this is your responsibility and we cannot offer any refunds.
  25. I shall not do standard walks between Christmas Eve and first working day of January as mainly bank holidays – same terms as no 18 – please let me know at the beginning of December if you would like a make up walk before week before Christmas to be carried out in December.